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May 1, 2018
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It's National Senior Health and Fitness Day!

What better day to celebrate National Senior Health and Fitness Day today than to inspire you with what our Sterling residents have been up to. Between the Sterling Strong program, workshops, exercise classes and checkpoints along the way, our residents stay quite busy!


Our Best News!

The biggest and best news is that we had another graduating class from our Sterling Strong program! Over an eight-week period of time, Sterling Strong participants improved their balance and strength by performing many different exercises as they advanced their knowledge by attending seminars on topics such as how strength, vision, and your inner ear affect your balance. The graduation ceremony itself was composed of us talking about the results and how well they had improved from their pre-test to their post-test. We are always amazed at the strides these residents take during these eight-weeks during the program time. We are so proud of all the hard work they put in and are excited for them to continue exercising!! We will have another Sterling Strong class starting up in the fall!


Exercise Classes

We always have an abundance of Wellness Classes to choose from so it’s easy for residents to stay in tip-top shape!

  • Zumba
  • Standing Tai Chi
  • Balance Blast
  • Sit & Tone (seated class)
  • Sterling Strong Balance Class
  • Aqua Power
  • Sittersize (seated class)
  • Line Dancing
  • Water Aerobics
  • Balance to the Beat is a sitting and standing class, focusing on balance while using drumsticks.
  • Elevate is an all-standing class that works to improve strength, balance and flexibility.
  • Men's Only Group Training - See video below.


Wide Fitness Assessment Day

Students from Kennesaw State University Exercise Science program came to help with our community-wide Fitness Assessment Day on April 20th! There were five assessment stations set up, each one to test either strength, balance, aerobic endurance, agility, or hamstring flexibility. Overall, our residents have done quite well at or strengthening their fitness levels! Our residents are simply some of the most determined and toughest you’ll find! They all deserve recognition for their drive and determination!


Wellness Workshops

We’ve also had various workshops focusing on different aspects of wellness for our residents.

At our Parkinson's Workshop, we discussed how it is diagnosed, the symptoms and the treatment for the disease. Fortunately, research has shown that exercise improves Parkinson's patients’ quality of life and relieves many of their symptoms. Exercise is medicine!

During our Dementia and Alzheimer’s Educational Talk in late April, we learned the differences between the two and how they are similar. Afterwards, Chaplain Hal spoke about how to emotionally support someone who is affected by cognitive challenges whether a spouse, parent, child or caretaker.

To get our residents ready for the warmer weather, Greg from Encompass Home Health came to the community to educate us about Dehydration. He talked about what dehydration is, how to avoid it, how to treat it and the importance of staying hydrated!!

Last week, we had a big Arthritis Workshop where we learned how arthritis affects our joints and discussed how exercise relieves pain from arthritis! Afterwards, we split into groups based on what joints they had arthritis in and demonstrated how to perform exercises to stretch and strengthen muscles around their affected joint. The residents then performed the exercises to ensure proper form. We provided them with handouts for home exercises to stretch and strengthen their muscles. We will meet back with the residents next week to make sure they are performing exercises with proper form and to see how the exercises have been helping. Pictures below go to our Facebook page.



Spring Bocce Ball Tournament Championship Game

The Dirty Four and the High Rollers went head to head in the Championship Game earlier this month. According to a Facebook poll, the Dirty Four were the anticipated underdogs but they didn't play quite so dirty. In fact, they cleaned house and won the Championship trophy! Pictures below go to our Facebook photo album, Bocce Ball Spring 2018 Tournament Championship Game.




All Residents enjoy easy access to ...

Full service dining for all meals - 
See sample menu choices here.

Current Activities Calendar - 
View our Educational, spiritual, and social programming.

Current Wellness Calendar Class schedule - 
View opportunitied for Open Swims & Personal Training.

Wellness Center -
Fitness equipment like our heated indoor, salt-water, aerobic pool & programming available.

Other Opportunities Available - 

  • On site chaplain for resident and family members who may have any emotional and/or spiritual concerns
  • Emergency Pendant
  • Integrated Therapy location on campus
  • 24-hour access
  • Lavish landscaping with fountain and English courtyard on thirty acres
  • Local Ownership and Management
  • Scheduled Transportation in a 10-mile radius
  • Casual Cafe for club gatherings, card games, etc.
  • Community Wi-fi
  • Community kitchen, outdoor grill, and private dining room for family gatherings and special occasions
  • Beauty Salon with full range of services
  • Massage Therapist


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