Family Values

Enjoy an independent retirement that also includes your family.

Sterling Estates of West Cobb in Marietta, GA, is a community your kids and grandkids will feel right at home in, too!

When we build a Sterling community, our first thought is always of our family. Is this a place that they would enjoy, a place that they would find special and want us to visit?

That’s because we believe that family and hope are what make a life Sterling. A Sterling Life is also one where service, faith, and dependability are appreciated. These are the kinds of communities that we create.

A Sterling community is one where everyone in the family loves to visit. It’s where grandchildren want to swim in the pool and adult children enjoy walking the lovely paths or sitting on the comfortable patio with their parents, and where everyone enjoys breaking bread together.

If you visit a Sterling community when grandchildren are on summer vacation, you’ll see them playing lacrosse, baseball, football, or bocce out front. There’s always something intergenerational going on here because that’s what a Sterling Life is all about.

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